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El 42 Cantina is a warm place with a welcoming atmosphere. If you want to enjoy traditional house crafted margaritas and cocktails, along with delicious authentic Mexican fare, you have come to the right place. We serve select draft beers, as well as a wide variety of Mexican, imported, and domestic bottled beers.

So come in, bring your friends, order the El Jefe guacamole, a Chupacabra margarita, some tacos al pastor, and a Dos XX. Oh… and don’t forget something for your friends too!

–El 42 Cantina is a 21 & over venue–

Hours of Operation

  Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday: 4:00-10:00 p.m. Wednesday & Thursday: 4:00-11:00 p.m. Friday & Saturday: 4:00-12:00 a.m.

Happy Hour

Daily: 4:00-5:30 p.m.

Choose from over 60 tequilas, mescals, or any of your other favorite spirits!


El 42 Taco Salad*  chicken $14 / pork $15 / beef $16

shredded lettuce, chipotle ranch in your choice of crisp or soft tortilla.  choice of meat, black bean salsa, baja slaw, Oaxaca and pepper jack, sour cream, guac.  side fire roasted salsa, tortilla strips.

El 42 House Salad* $5 / $7

ribbon cut romaine, red cabbage, radish, pickled beets, toasted pumpkin seeds, cilantro & cotija cheese. Dressings: House 42 (wasabi, yogurt, avocado) cilantro lime, ranch, spiced raspberry vinaigrette, or chipotle ranch

House-Made Chips y Dos Salsas $5

with fire roasted tomato & Juan loco salsas.

House-Made Plantain Chips $5

with house made peanut dipping sauce & Juan loco salsa.

Jalapeño Bacon & Peanut Sauce $8

6 pieces of spicy jalapeño bacon.

Quesadilla $8

flour tortillas filled with Oaxaca & pepperjack cheese & served with salsa roja & salsa verde.

El 42 Guacamole Classico $9

cilantro, lime, onion, jalapeño, garlic. tortilla or plantain chips or 1⁄2 & 1⁄2.

El 42 Nachos $11

fresh tortillas chips, Oaxaca & jack cheese, salsa roja, El 42 guac. & sour cream.

“El Jefe” Guacamole $11

El 42 guac spiked with smoky chipotle, cotija cheese, jalapeño-bacon, toasted pumpkin seeds & tomatoes, fresh tortilla or plantain chips, or 1⁄2&1⁄2.

Shrimp Cocktail San Martín $11

lime, orange, habañero, tomato, avocado, jicama, onions, jalapeños, cucumber. house-made tortilla or plantain chips, or 1⁄2 & 1⁄2.

Chorizo & Cheese Taquitos $10

spicy chorizo, Oaxaca & pepperjack, peppers, mushrooms, onions in a crisp egg roll wrapper. salsa verde, baja white sauce & pickled red onion garnish, with el 42 guacamole!

Aloha Ahi Pökē Tostadas* $14

fresh ahi (raw), pökē marinade (sesame oil, chilies, lime, soy, green onion, ginger, garlic), Baja slaw, mango pineapple salsa and radish sprouts.

Braised Duck Taquitos $16

slow cooked in garlic and red wine, then mixed with peppers, mushrooms, onions, and Oaxaca cheese in a crisp egg roll wrapper. burgundy demi glace, Baja white sauce & tropical salsa.

3 corn tortillas, (mahi gets 2 flour) melted pepperjack & Oaxaca, garnished w/ cilantro, radish, onion, & lime. served w/ red rice & borracho black beans (pork).substitute 1⁄2 42 House salad for $3

Crispy or Grilled Mahi Mahi $14

citrus tequila marinade, Dos XX amber batter, 2 flour tortillas, Oaxaca & pepperjack cheese, 42 slaw, pico de gallo, cilantro & radish. OR grilled with cilantro herb crust.

Blackened Ahi* $15

spice rubbed and flash seared rare, 42 slaw, tropical salsa & radish sprouts.

Aloha Ahi Pökē* $15

fresh ahi(raw), pökē marinade(sesame oil, chilies, lime, soy, green onion, ginger, garlic), 42 slaw, tropical salsa & radish sprouts.

Grilled Beef $14

chopped Nebraska corn fed NY steak – chile de arbol, guacatillo, radish sprouts. gf

Grilled Pork “Al Pastor” $13

adobo rub, tropical & Juan loco salsa. ode to Mexico!

Braised Pork “Cochinita Pibil” $13

traditional Mexican pulled pork. slow roasted in banana leaf, Juan loco & pickled red onion.

Braised Chicken $12

in roasted tomato, chipotle & ancho. salsa roja and guacatillo.

Vegetarian $11

sautéed poblano peppers, mushrooms & onions, salsa roja and pico de gallo.

served with red rice, borracho black beans and corn tortillas… no tortillas with enchiladas. sub 1⁄2 42 House salad for $3

Carne Asada $21

ancho rubbed aged NY, grilled & sliced. garnished w/ roasted jalapeño & guacamole over a flour tortilla, and 2 side corn tortillas.

Lobster & Shrimp Enchiladas $18

flour tortillas, shrimp, succulent lobster, jack cheese, artichoke, salsa verde. make ‘em chicken enchiladas for only $14 or veggie for $12 (no side tortillas)

Lobster & Shrimp Chile Relleno $17

made without batter, roasted poblano filled with lobster, shrimp, pepperjack cheese and artichoke. finished with roasted tomato-ancho-guajillo sauce, garnished with Oaxaca cheese.

Tequila Lime Prawns $18

prawns are seasoned & sautéed with peppers, onions mushrooms and tropical salsa, in a mild jalapeño crema. over a flour tortilla. Make ‘em Enojados(angry!) style. SPICY! -you order it – you own it!

Cochinitas Pibil $16

traditional Mexican pulled pork. slow roasted in banana leaf, ancho and citrus marinade. served with pickled red onion and tropical salsa.

The Burrito $14

your choice of cochinitas pibil, or chicken.  flour tortilla, borracho beans, red rice, pepperjack & Oxaca cheese, enchilada roja sauce. with sour, guac, pico, shredded lettuce and chips.  beef $16/chorizo $15

custom ground beef, garlic buttered & grilled bolillo bread, with your choice of plantain or just-made tortilla chips. sub 1⁄2 42 House salad for $3

El Jefe Picante* “Muy Spicy!” $17

pepperjack, chipotle aioli, pico de gallo, jalapeño bacon and El Jefe guacamole

El Gringo* “Less Spicy!” $15

Oaxaca & pepperjack cheese, chipotle aioli, pico de gallo and El 42 guacamole. add jalapeño-bacon $1

JUST LIKE ON THE PLAYGROUND WAY BACK: THE FIRST ONE’S FREE (42 cents each additional)! YOU MAY ALSO SUB IF YOU WANT MORE HEAT OR A DIFFERENT FLAVOR PROFILE. 0spicy_star Baja White – yogurt, mayonnaise, cumin, Mexican oregano, lime juice, pinch of cayenne.

0spicy_star Peanut Sauce (Cacahuete Chinita) –peanuts, coconut milk, sesame, rice vinegar, chili paste, ginger, lime, garlic, brown sugar, soy & cilantro.
1spicy_star Guacatillo – tomatillo, avocado. onion, cilantro, garlic and jalapeño.
2spicy_star Pico De Gallo – fresh tomatoes, onion, cilantro, lime, garlic, and jalapeño.
2spicy_starFire Roasted – roasted tomatoes, jalapeño, red bell pepper, roasted & fresh garlic, lime, cilantro.
2spicy_star Enchilada Rojo served hot – fire roasted tomato, roasted onion, roasted ancho chile, chicken stock, garlic, cumin, and coriander
3spicy_star Enchilada Verde (served hot) – tomatillo, jalapeño, green bell peppers, cilantro, green onion, Mexican oregano, garlic, cumin, coriander.
3spicy_star Juan Loco – tomatillo, pickled jalapeño, white vinegar, onions, carrot, cilantro, roasted garlic, lime.
3spicy_star Tropical Salsa – habañero, jicama, red onion, red bell pepper, lime, cilantro, mango chutney, fresh mango and pineapple. 5spicy_star Salsa Cancun – habañero, orange zest, onion. 6spicy_star Arbol Sauce – roasted tree chilies and garlic. 7 +/-spicy_star Sunset Alehouse’s 3 Chili Silly –roasted habañero, serrano, jalapeño pureed. seeds and all! 10spicy_star Salsa De Los Muertos – bhut jolokia “ghost peppers” the world’s hottest peppers, tossed with our 3 Chili Silly from Sunset. you order it, not only are you crazy, but you own it! should be called salsa de las idiotas. NUMB & DUMB!

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